1. Smile Bright
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Starry Night
makes me think of you
flood lights
shining through the hue
when I'm all on my own
when I'm all alone
don't really care which way about it
if I'm here or gone
if I'm gone
face down on the floor
lights on
wondering what for
bedroom door is open
picture on the ground
I just keep believing
there's a reason I tear it down
I tore it down
dead of night
when I don't feel alone
I'm all right
when my mind is gone
no one here to tell me
that I’ve forgotten you
ain't no one forgive me now
say that we aren't through
no we aren't through
smile bright
go and fly a kite
drink all day
I just think I might
you're not here to stop me
I'm all by myself
even if you asked me to
I pull it off the shelf and that's the truth and I ain't lying